SAKHYA: Cambridge friends of India

About us

Sakhya is a registered charity and a University of Cambridge Society, which aims to benefit disadvantaged social groups and individuals in India through the grant of funds, raised in the UK. We also strive to foster awareness of the diversity, rich heritage and developmental needs of modern India both amongst our members and amongst the international community in Cambridge. Read more


Sakhya’s mission is to support sustainable growth and development in India in areas such as education, child health and social welfare. We achieve this by supporting voluntary organisations in India that foster participation of the target communities themselves and work at the grass-root levels. Read more


Modern India is a vibrant democracy and a state that is striving hard to be equal and just to all its citizens. We, Sakhya, wish to contribute to this process by generating funds through India-centric events such as cultural evenings, specialist talks, dinner evenings, sports meets. Read more

How you can help

Your contribution, in whatever form, will help us immensely. You can help Sakhya by becoming a member, participating in our events, helping us organise various fundraising events, publicising Sakhya or by making voluntary donations and/or sponsoring our events. Read more

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