SAKHYA: Cambridge friends of India

How you can help…

Your contribution, in whatever form, will help us immensely. You can help Sakhya by becoming a member, participating in Sakhya events or helping us organise various events, publicising Sakhya or by voluntary donations.

The easiest way to keep in touch with Sakhya is to become a member. Membership fee is just £2.00 (two pounds) per year. Being a member you will be informed about Sakhya's activities and progress. Even if you are unable to actively support Sakhya's activities at the moment, becoming a member will help us to keep in touch with you and every bit of support counts.

Volunteering in Sakhya has been an incredibly fulfilling part of the Cambridge experience for many of us in the past, and we are sure could become the same for you. This society not only gives you a forum to engage in India-centric issues/events but also enables you to directly contribute to sections of society where it matters most. There are funds in place, a framework to operate within, and a knowledge base of potential beneficiaries that might help you get started. What really is needed is a tiny bit of your time, lots of enthusiasm and the collective will to get involved in organising events, raising funds, and disbursing them to people who need it most. And lastly, if none of this sounds convincing, it looks good on your CV! :)

Sakhya is grateful for your interest and support. If you wish to become a member or make a donation, please email Anasuya (contact details here).